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Offered Services:

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  1. Anaesthesia and regional anaesthesia during interventions in ophthalmology, obstetrics and gynaecology, ear nose and throat diseases, oral and maxillofacial surgery, neurosurgery, orthopaedics and urology, including various techniques of autologous retransfusion.
  2. Anaesthesia and regional anaesthesia during major chest surgery.
  3. Anaesthesia and regional anaesthesia in general surgery.
  4. Anaesthesia and regional anaesthesia in infants and children under the age of 5 years.
  5. Anaesthesiology and intensive care with special emphasis on anatomy, pathology, pharmacology, physics and physiology of highly pathological medical conditions.
  6. Arranging for special medical offers throughout the world.
  7. Assessment of environmental and occupational diseases.
  8. Assessment of epidemiology, hygiene and microbiology.
  9. Assessment of haemogenetics, immune haematology and immunology.
  10. Assessment of individual human genetics, population genetics and ancestry.
  11. Assessment of radiation protection and radiation of blood and blood products.
  12. Assessment of statutory regulations for the medical profession, and their application.
  13. Assessment of the mode of function of laboratory equipment and processing of the data obtained from these.
  14. Assistance in organising and conducting organ donations and organ transplantations.
  15. Consultancy for companies and institutions on the maintenance, disinfection and sterilisation of anaesthetic equipment and apparatuses.
  16. Control and assurance of the quality of banked blood and blood components, determination of blood groups, blood transfusions and blood substitutes according to the applicable national and international guidelines.
  17. Controlled hypothermia.
  18. Counselling on care.
  19. Development of therapeutic strategies with special reference to geriatric aspects.
  20. Diagnostic procedures to assess lung function.
  21. Documentation of medical history on behalf of the patient.
  22. Emergency medicine.
  23. Establishment of the indication and execution of blood transfusions, assessment of metabolic, immunological and infection-related risks of transfusion, assessment of tolerance investigations of red blood cells, platelets and white blood cells. Assessment of haemostaseology findings with reference to the respective speciality, consultation concerning questions related to transfusion medicine, clarification of incidents during transfusion, prenatal diagnosis and the resulting therapeutic consequences.
  24. Expert opinions on diving and undersea medicine
  25. Expert opinions.
  26. Implementation of psychosomatic aspects in clinical routine.
  27. Information and communication with patients about preparations, indications, execution and risks of examinations and treatments.
  28. Infusion therapy and parenteral nutrition.
  29. Intensive care during perioperative and anaesthesiological treatment of patients in the shock room, the emergency room, the recovery room, and the intensive care unit.
  30. Intensive care in the post-traumatic, preoperative, intraoperative and postoperative phase.
  31. Interventions for recovery of diving fitness.
  32. Investigation of infection markers relevant to transfusion medicine, coagulation parameters, quantitative and qualitative haematological parameters of corpuscular components of blood.
  33. Long-term storage and refrigeration of blood cells, plasma and tissue.
  34. Monitoring and therapy of patients with severely disordered vital functions; long-term support and substitution of vial organ functions.
  35. Organisation of blood and blood component care during catastrophes - in cooperation with the ministries in charge and their sub-organisations.
  36. Organisation of interdisciplinary intensive care units on behalf of organisations and hospital institutions.
  37. Pain therapy and anaesthesia with special emphasis on geriatric aspects
  38. Pain therapy.
  39. Performance of immunohaematological investigations (serological, cellular, chemical, molecular-biological) of antigens as well as allo- and autoantibodies of red blood cells and white blood cells, including the human-leucocyte-antigen system, platelets, plasma and other body fluids.
  40. Performance of medical-chemical diagnostic laboratory procedures relevant to transfusion medicine, including general medical microscopy.
  41. Performance of tissue and cell cultures.
  42. Preparation and testing of sera, antibodies, antigens and cells for assistance in diagnostic procedures and therapy pertaining to transfusion.
  43. Preventive medicine and rehabilitation.
  44. Production and storage of banked blood and components of blood, techniques of preparatory and therapeutic as well as manual and mechanical haemapheresis.
  45. Psychosomatic aspects of intensive care and pain therapy.
  46. Reanimation and shock therapy and treatment of disorders of the acid, base, electrolyte and water balance.
  47. Suitability assessment for blood donations, including autologous blood, plasma- and cytapheresis.
  48. Suitability examinations